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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free courses?

Yes, I do! I can offer you a free course if you want to offer me your talent and time. Help me to improve my site and I will reward you! This is a short list of thing I will be more than happy to reward:

  1. Creating a referral program. I know there are a few free referral marketing software options out there, but I don’t have the time and required knowledge to implement it.
  2. My presence on social media. It’s simply inexistent right now. This is NOT my field of expertise. It’s very time consuming and I simply don’t know how to take the most of it.
  3. Consolidating my presence on specialized forums/virtual communities. This is my most time consuming marketing activity right now and any help here would be much appreciated.

What can I offer in exchange? I depends on your available time, proven experience on your field of expertise and honesty. I’ve had several bad experiences with people just trying to take advantage of me, so don’t get me wrong please, but I need to be very cautious with any help offer I receive. What I will NOT do is hiring you for money. That’s not help, but a commercial agreement. So please don’t send me your resume and a presentation video. I will not hire you, sorry.

Can I pay with cryptocurreny?

Yes. I accept Bitcoin and Monero.

Are all fxDreema course classes recorded?

Yes, they are by default. That way you can review them again when required.

Does paying your fxDreema course include any discount/free subscription in their site?

I’m afraid not. I’m an fxDreema user and I offered that possibility to Mr. Krastev but to no avail so far. I’m not an fxDreema reseller so I cannot offer any discount/free subscription for his site, sorry.