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I need to know what you know about programming before choosing any of these levels. So please contact me and we will come to an agreement on how many classes are required (from 3 to 8) in your case before selecting any option below.

  1. Level A course: You are a mql4/mql5 programmer. Price: 200 €. One class for free and no hands-on practice classes are included.
  1. Level B course: You know what coding is, kind of. Price 300 €. First class for free and 1 hands-on practice class is included.
  1. Level C course. Coding? What’s that? Price: 400 €. First class for free and 2 hands-on practice classes are included.

Please notice that by applying for any course you are accepting my strict refund policy.

I know my payment refund policy is not client friendly but it’s honest and transparent. I will refund your payment if, and only if, the agreed amount of classes has not been reached and the fxDreema site is not operative any more. Then I will give you a full refund. As you can see I offer my first class for free. That way you’ll be able to evaluate my way of teaching, my voice or the communication quality before paying a cent. This free class, as a part of the course content, is available on my Youtube channel. Again, if you don’t like the way I do it, I’m transparent and consistent in what I provide, so please accept my refund policy.


Just contact me and let me know what you need. We’ll find a solution together.