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I’m a fxDreema user since 2016 and during my freshman year there I always missed someone helping me how to deal with the platform. Although free tutorials and examples are available, they are not well designed enough to help you from scratch, as was my case. Now I can say I’m an advanced user, so I can help other people to use it in a much more efficient way from the first day. Let me show what I mean:


  1. Anyone trying to design his/her own expert advisor (with or without any previous programming knowledge).
  2. Anyone creating his/her own expert advisor design business. Yes, you can now create EAs for money with no programming knowledge at all. I’m not a programmer and I’m doing it right now!


This course is offered in a variable number of classes (see below), lasting one hour each. Schedule will always be from Monday to Friday at a previously agreed schedule on a case by case basis. Please notice that I live in Western Europe (GMT+1).

Now, before rushing into the Pricing page and inserting your credit card data, I need to know your real programming knowledge. And I need you to be honest. I will not teach what you said you knew! Depending on your real experience at mql4/mql5 coding I will use the following general criteria:

Level A course: You are a mql4/mql5 programmer. You should need 3-4 classes at most. No hands-on practice classes are included.

Level B course: You are not a mql4/mql5 programmer, but you know what Constants and Variables are and you know how to use them when coding. You should need around 4-6 classes. One hands-on practice class is included.

Level C course. You have no idea about coding. You will need all 8 classes. Two hands-on practice classes are included.

Don’t hesitate to contact me before choosing any option and remember that this is an INTRODUCTORY course. That means you will not master all coding tricks after 8 hours. If you are interested in an intermediate and/or advanced course once you finished this one, just let me know and we’ll look for a deal.

Please notice that I am not a fxDreema reseller nor I can offer discounts or free subscriptions for their site. That means you will have to create your own user’s account there. Although a free version is available, I recommend to be a full fxDreema subscriber in order to enjoy all platform’s features.

Subscribe to my Youtube channel for free course classes and EAs!


I also offer the following services related to fxDreema:

  1. I can review your current project in order to fix/debug it.
  2. I can create your full EA from scratch.

Once more, simply contact me and let me know what you need.