Happy birthday to the Andorran Investor!!! (Part 1)

One year ago I began this personal project with no more expectations than surviving to my recent divorce and paying my daily bills. I had to learn so many different skills and so quickly that I wasn’t sure I would make it. I had to create a space for my name and brand in the bottomless well of competitors on the internet. No one knew my country and I was offering what thousands of other guys are offering online but with less impressive resources. The first months were simply depressing, with almost no visits nor subscriptions. But I had no option other than going on. A guy over 50 is not offered many job options in the world today. My divorce ordeal was worsening week after week and my lawyer didn’t want to work for free, obviously. My meagre morale and money had to be evenly distributed between my collapsed marriage and my initially failed project. I lost almost 10 kg due to stress and anxiety!

But i persevered…Honestly I’m not completely sure why and how. And things began to change.

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