Happy birthday to the Andorran Investor!!! (Part 2)

Perseverance can be painful, but it is worth the pain. After six months of virtually no subscriptions, no courses and no income, I was at the edge of the cliff. I was paying the consequences of not knowing how to create a brand on the internet today. And I can tell you it’s a very high price. It was one of my few subscribers who ofered me priceless help to hold my project afloat. It is because of him that you are still enjoying today this site. And this is why I rewarded him with a subscription for life. Once more, thank you very much for your support, Marco. 😉 I know there is a long road before me to consolidate my site in the ocean of online guys offering forex stuff. Paraphrasing Pulp fiction’s Jules Winnfield: ‘But I’m trying, my friends. I’m trying real hard to be one of those guys’. Thank you very much to all my current subscribers for your support. I’m waiting the next birthday! 🙂

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